2024-06 | Mastering Global Business Services Transformation

Inixia Admin · March 26, 2024

Mastering Global Business Services Transformation is designed specifically for P-GBS graduates and includes the end-to-end scope and integration of empirical business cases with applicable models.

Our approach is a blend of science and art, designed to develop a distinct mindset, sharpened skillset, and proven toolset required to anticipate, validate, amplify, and leverage change are the building blocks of leadership and change-making.

Over the course of four sessions, each lasting three hours, you’ll delve into cutting-edge strategies and best practices to navigate complex organizational changes effectively. Scheduled from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST on June 3, June 10, June 24, and July 1, these sessions are tailored to fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Our small, interactive classes, led by our experienced professionals, focus on translating a good idea into a compelling possibility, identifying the tools and resources to use to drive success, separating real value from idealistic selling points, applying analytical and critical thinking skills, and balancing between envisioning and executing. Our program is exceptionally informative and educational.

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