Transforming Business Processes

The need to transform business processes is growing exponentially. Yet leaders involved in business process operations, at all levels and across all functions, struggle to make it happen.

In its combined 100 years as practitioners, Inixia has codified the art and science of revolutionizing business processes to develop the mindset, skillset, and toolset adopted by hundreds of organizations worldwide.


At Inixia, we train, certify, and coach executives from the largest organizations in the world on managing business operations and shared services. Our goals to evolve and continue improving on the model for revolutionizing business operations.

Inixia’s services are designed to delight our customers by tackling the challenges they face from every angle.

“Unmatched in terms of any industry training currently available.”

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Certification Programs

Inixia’s core certifications, Professional Business Services and Leadership Business Transformation, are designed to build awareness of the opportunity to professionalize business process operations. They equip organizations with the skillset, mindset, and toolset to transform operations.

Customized Trainings

In partnership with clients, Inixia customizes trainings to meet the unique and evolving needs of their teams, leadership, and organizations and their clients. Through courses, workshops, and office hours, Inixia supports leaders to adopt and apply knowledge and know-how.

By The Numbers

We didn’t just write the book on business process transformation; we are the premier case study. Unlike many other companies providing similiar services to this industry, we are true practitioners — not just theorists — of the field.

How we did it and what we learned is not catalyzing the next generation of professionals

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We have partnered with dozens of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. driving efficiencies and upgrading the professionalism and experience for their teams

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Whether it’s becoming a master of GBS or upskilling your team, we’re here to help.

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